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"Bunce Island:
A British Slave Castle in Sierra Leone"

This thirty-page summary of Bunce Island's history was written by Joseph Opala, one of the co-directors of our project. Professor Opala's paper contains a brief overview of the castle's history and archaeology and information on the oral traditions of the Africans who live near Bunce Island today and still tell stories about its past. The paper also summarizes the research done on Bunce Island over the past 60 years and describes the efforts of African Americans to draw attention to the castle and its importance for the United States. It also contains an extensive bibliography on Bunce Island.

This paper appeared as an appendix to Christopher DeCorses's archaeological survey: Bunce Island Cultural Resource Assessment (2007). DeCorse conducted the survey in 2006 on behalf of the Sierra Leone Monuments and Relics Commission and the U.S. Embassy in Sierra Leone.

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