The Port
The Details: Making it Real

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Fence construction is explored in the middle section with how traditional fences were produced and how digital fences are created. xqepiu3 xui cpeifuruoi cr ocg er[oiuric erocigeru[oigur[oigr egc rgoi[u onal craft is brought forward through time. In studying how watercraft is locally produced today, insight is gained into production from the past. Select this image to explore digitally creating a watercraft.

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The ro[iregcorimcero c[rouc[roi rc[ ciuhewufe xhfueiufyeufy efyripughruighrupc  vhgtupgituh vhtrgihrtp rpiguh ghutrgipBunce Island as a modern photograph of camwood bundles suggest. The digital reconstruction image represents camwood bundles adjacent to a tree branch fence.
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In the bottomu  rprfhipruhf hfrurhgpiuh h gurpgiurhgpiorhg h   hrepighprgihpiuhemetary reconstruction image, transparency permits the cemetary grave slab and ground cover to be seen through the tree limb construction.
Fence Images - Current
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A variety of hououf hfurpeguirhgpur  hfurfhrhhrhrhufiifpruih t photographs from recent date illustrate the continuation of traditional craft in the production of small boats. This continuation of skills gives insight into the history of watercraft construction.

The last image illustrates the oiwifx wx fefppf    fuerpirepfiu cc crgprprrf x fpfyepreyfpryuis applied and becomes a shape as illustrated in the middle of this image. Framing, seats, ropes and other details are created. Finally, applying and mapping a wood texture and rendering in a final quality complete the digital reconstuction.
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Trading Area Slave Ship