Slave Ship Digital Reconstruction
The Details: Making it Real

Below are two images of a detailed digital reconstruction of a slaveship. This reconstruction is based on the original plans of an early 19th century vessel. The left image leads to a comparison of the vessel from different perspectives and illustrates a stage of digital development without riggings and textures shown.

Early 19th Century Vessel
This view of an early 19th century vessel shows the digital process in reconstruction. Riggings and texture are not illustrated and human shapes are added to illustrate scale relationship. Two new views of the hull appear (move cursor on and off image) from the port and starboard sides. Mast and riggings have been removed which will permit two views to be placed adjacent to each other in one frame.
Multiple Rendering Comparisons Move cursor on and off image CAD images by Hall

Digital Ship Reconstruction with water line
Water texture has been added to this wireframe image illustrating the waterline. This line suggest how much of the hull is immersed in the water when a particular loaded weight is added. Notice the human shapes that are added to the image for scaling purposes.
Digital Ship Reconstruction with Human Shapes CAD Images by Hall

The Port The Details: Making it Real