Virtual Reality: Bunce island 1805

Five short animations below feature all or part of the digitally reconstructed island, slave castle and village. Animation 1: Castle Flyover starts over Sierra Leone River and flies over the northern part of the island with the slave castle. Animation 2: Island Flyover begins at the southern part of the island and flies north over the village and towards the castle.

Animation 3: Jetty and Castle Walkthrough begins by walking up the jetty to the main gate, into the slave castle, through the main area and into the womens' slave yard. Animation 4: Ship Flyover takes you over the early 19th century sailing vessel towards the jetty and onto the northern part of the island. Animation 5: Tower Flythrough begins in the office tower upper floor and flies through the window into the main area of the slave castle, continues south over the merchant's dormitory and gate tower and finally to the grumetes village. Select the bottom right link to advance to the first animation.

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The Port Animation 1