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Two Ways to Contribute

You can contribute to the Bunce Island Virtual Archaeology project in two ways:

    By making a donation to help support our animation work
    By hosting an exhibit on Bunce Island in your local area

Our sponsors are very generous, but virtual archaeology is expensive and labor-intensive work, and we need more resources to complete our project. The next stage is creating the interior spaces in the castle's various buildings and then adding human figures so that our computer model tells the story of Bunce Island as vividly as possible. We want to show viewers exactly what went on at Bunce Island during the slave trade and what the castle's African captives endured on their forced journey to America. There was no photography 200 years ago, so virtual archaeology is the only way to bring these terrible realities to life so that people today can fully comprehend the meaning of the Atlantic slave trade. Please send a check made out to our non-profit project. Donations are tax deductible.

Bunce Island Project -- Friends of Sierra Leone
PO Box 1151
Harrisonburg, Virginia 22803

You can also make a contribution by helping bring our Bunce Island traveling exhibit to your local area. We have created a vivid exhibit on Bunce Island and its links to African Americans that is now touring colleges, museums, and libraries in the United States and Canada. All proceeds from the exhibit go to our Bunce Island Virtual Archaeology Project. If you know of an institution in your city or state that might be interested in hosting the exhibit, please direct its attention to the following website which explains how to bring the exhibit to your area: www.bunce-island.org

Photo by Joseph Opala
Bunce Island exhibit, Kennesaw State University, November, 2007

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