Animation 3: Jetty and Castle Walkthrough
Virtual Reality: Bunce island 1805

This short animation, Animation 3: Jetty and Castle Walkthrough begins with a walk up the path from the jetty and, turning right at the top of the incline and pausing, we see supplies of boxes, crates and barrels that are from the lastest ship arrival. As we walk into the slave castle, through the double doors and under the entry gate-tower, the main open area appears with Bunce Island House on the right. Moving straight ahead towards the office tower, we turn left and the kitchen structure passes as we proceed toward the security entrance of the slave yards. After pausing at the water storage barrels, we pass through the first security door and, with a left shift through the second door, pass into the women's slave yard. Walking forward leads thought the slave yard and, as we approach the women's enclosed structure, stop at a window and door opening. Click to play, then select the bottom right link to advance to the fourth animation.

Animation 3  

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