Animation 2: Island Flyover
Virtual Reality: Bunce island 1805

This short animation, Animation 2: Island Flyover starts over the southern part of the island with the foreman's house and private pavilion in the foreground. As we move north over the "main street", the grumetes village with housing for up to 600 people appears. The trading area between the village and slave castle now appears with its pavilions and well and covering. The entry gate-tower and merchant's dormitory come into sight. As we veer slightly to the right, the powder magazine and storage structure is on the right with the terraced garden area straight ahead. The men's and women's slave yard are to the left of this garden area. Bunce Island House comes into view as we shift back to the left. As the camera begins pulling backwards to the south, it shifts again backing toward the east and showing the trading area with pavilions, finally halting while viewing the terrain and village. Click to play, then select the bottom right link to advance to the third animation.

Animation 2  

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