Features Reconstruction
Reconstructing the Past

Features of the island that deserve further investigation are the well, jetty and kilns. When each image below is clicked it links to additional information. The first digital reconstruction shows photographs of the well as it remains today, photographs of similarly constructed wells from other locations with ubiquitous design and finally digital reconstruction of the well and cover.

The second digital reconstruction image below shows the hoist at the end of the jetty used for loading and unloading crates, barrels and other supplies from arriving ships. When clicked this image links to the jetty reconstruction page and a comparision between a current photograph and a digital reconstuction of the jetty and castle.

A third image below represents a digital plan view showing the kiln location and links to the lime kilns with currant photographs and images of other exisitng lime kilns from other locations. A computer aided design (CAD) wireframe of the kiln reconstruction shows constructive elements and a final rendered kiln reconstruction. Click the bottom right link to advance to the next feature reconstruction.

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